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Help us develop Welsh language Speech Recognition.
Contribute your voice through our ‘Paldaruo’ app


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To collect the Welsh speech corpus, crowdsourcing will be used to recruit people from all ages and geographical background to read a script out loud in Welsh.

A specialised app (Paldaruo) has been developed for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets to collect the data. The app is available in the individual AppStores. Here’s a video to give an ida of how to use the app:

Here are some screenshots of the app from the iOS devices:

Welcome screen in the Paldaruo app for ipad

Welcome screen for the Paldaruo app on the iPhone

The Paldaruo app will collect metadata from the users including their sex, age, geographical background and accent.

To see the metadata questions that are in the app, click here.

Asking about your sex on the iPad

Asking about your location on the iPad

Asking about your childhood on the iPhone

Asking when you speak Welsh on the iPhone

Asking about your accent on the iPhone

The app guides users through the process of recording their voice by providing a recording script to them. The sound files are sent back to the project server automatically.

To see a list of prompts that in in the Paldaruo app at the moment, click here.

Recording screen on the iPad

Recording screen on the iPhone

The GALLU project has gained ethical approval from Bangor University in March 2014. Within the Paldaruo ap, the user will need to agree to the terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions screen on the iPad

Terms and Conditions screen on the iPhone