What is Cysgliad?

Cysgliad is a software package for your computer. It contains two main programs, namely Cysill and Cysgeir.

Cysill is a program for finding and correcting lingusitic errors in Welsh documents.  It recognises typing, spelling and grammar errors, including wrong mutations.  It also offers corrections where needed, and in the case of  grmmatical errors explains the nature of the error in order to help you avoid it in future.   Cysill also includes a mouse-over dictionary, which shows the translation of a word in the text when you hover your cursor over it.  Cysill also includes a thesaurus to help you find different words with similar meanings – a perfect way to expand your vocabulary!

Cysgeir is another program in Cysgliad, which provides a collection of different dictionaries in a convenient electronic format. It includes over a hundred thousand entries, and yet is easily searchable thanks to its smart, friendly interface.

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