“Y Termiadur Addysg” terminology dictionary


The next version of the Y Termiadur terminology dictionary is currently under development at Bangor University.

Y Termiadur Addysg is the latest in the series of Termiadur terminology dictionaries for school-age education. The Y Termiadur Addysg website (www.termiaduraddysg.org) enables searching for terms used in primary, secondary and further education.

Additional subjects are now featured, especially from the field of further education, as well as new entries for the existing subjects. The website also has a number of exciting features, including online games, and help with  learning new terms.

These terms are also shown, together with all our other dictionaries of standardized terms, on the Welsh National Terminology Portal (www.termau.org), but without the games and additional information which are particular to Y Termiadur Addysg itself.

If you have specific requirements for terms in the field of education, or if you are aware of missing terms, please contact us.

Prys, Delyth and Prys, Gruffudd (2011-) Y Termiadur Addysg. Cardiff: Welsh Government.