TILT Welsh Higher Confidence Building

The aim of this module is to develop further confidence in the basic skills of speaking, reading, writing and listening, but also to try and build upon them and develop them further.  It is forseen that some students perhaps will be following the module who have not studied Welsh for some time, perhaps since school.   Therefore, a great deal of attention is given to reviewing patterns and constructions orally so that they are able to communicate fairly easily and gain the confidence to use Welsh in the workplace.

In the same way it is intended to focus on more formal Welsh by looking at relevant letters and forms.  The focus will also be on developing basic writing skills which are relevant to the workplace. Developing comprehension skills in general.

By the end of this course, students will have reached level B1 as defined by the Common European Framework, Language Assessment Scales, and will be able to produce clear, precise and structured language on some subjects, displaying a sound grasp of constructions and conjunctions.

Contact hours: 24 hours.