Corpus of the Welsh Assembly Record of Proceedings

The Welsh National Corpora Portal provides a simple interface for searching the Corpus of the Welsh Assembly Record of Proceedings using words, terms or phrases.

The Corpus of the Welsh Assembly Record of Proceedings is a bilingual parallel corpus in two parts (1999-2003 and 2007-2010). The corpus interface is provided as an aid to :

  • those composing Welsh language texts
  • human translators
  • linguists and academics researchers

Search is possible in Welsh and English. Simply enter your Welsh or English search text in the search box provided, select the language for searching and click on the Search button. Matches are highlighted in bold.

The search facility will find any form of an English or Welsh word, no matter how it is mutated, conjugated or inflected.

For example, searching for ‘Cymru’ will also find ‘Gymru’, searching ‘dweud’ will also find ‘dywedwyd’, and searching ‘cadair olwyn’ will also find ‘chadeiriau olwynion’. This is necessary for effective Welsh-language searching as  Welsh words can have many different forms.