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What is Cysgliad?

Cysgliad is a software package for your computer. It contains two main programs, namely Cysill and Cysgeir.

Cysill is a program for finding and correcting lingusitic errors in Welsh documents.  It recognises typing, spelling and grammar errors, including wrong mutations.  It also offers corrections where needed, and in the case of  grmmatical errors explains the nature of the error in order to help you avoid it in future.   Cysill also includes a mouse-over dictionary, which shows the translation of a word in the text when you hover your cursor over it.  Cysill also includes a thesaurus to help you find different words with similar meanings – a perfect way to expand your vocabulary!

Cysgeir is another program in Cysgliad, which provides a collection of different dictionaries in a convenient electronic format. It includes over a hundred thousand entries, and yet is easily searchable thanks to its smart, friendly interface.

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E-gyhoeddwr (E-publisher)

During the summer of 2011 the Welsh Book Council commissioned the Language Technologies Unit to undertake research in Welsh language e-publishing. The Welsh Book Council published this report in October 2011, and at their request the LTU also prepared detailed technical guidelines for publishing in EPUB format.

Subsequently, the Welsh Language Board awarded the LTU a small grant to create a web-based application to aid publishers prepare Welsh language texts in EPub format.The website checks your text for common problems with creating Welsh language e-books, for example problems with accents on ŵ, Ŵ, ŷ and Ŷ before converting everything to an E-Pub file.  Users can download the completed E-Pub files and publish as they wish.

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This application was developed by Dewi Bryn Jones and David Chan.

Cysill Online

Cysill Online (2009) is a free online tool for Welsh grammar and spell checking. Based on the commercial Cysill grammar and spell checking programme, part of the Cysgliad (2004) software package for Windows, it is limited to checking texts with a length of approximately 3000 characters. As stated in the Terms of Use, submitted texts are stored as a corpus for academic research purposes and are a useful source of word frequency counts, neologisms, common errors, dialectal forms and named entities. The corpus is not publicly available due to issues of confidentiality. However, an anonymized subset is available as part of our Example Corpus of Language Registers.