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Geiriadur Bangor (Bangor Dictionary)

Geiriadur Bangor (The Bangor Dictionary), launched in 2014, is a searchable online bilingual bidirectional Welsh/English dictionary which replaced the BBC’s retired Welsh/English Learn Welsh Dictionary  which had been primarily aimed at learners of Welsh as a second language.

It combines a general language dictionary, Cysgair2 (2004) and Y Termiadur Addysg (Terminology Dictionary for Education) (Prys and Prys 2011), the standardized terminology dictionary developed for bilingual primary, secondary and further education in Wales. The dictionary entries include the source language headword, a disambiguating part of speech (to differentiate between the noun and verbs in English that share the same word form), concept disambiguation text (to differentiate between concepts that share the same word form), as well as the equivalent word form(s) in the target language, their parts of speech and their plural forms.

Geiriadur yr Academi Ar-lein

Originally developed for the Welsh Language Board (now replaced by the Welsh Language Commissioner) Geiriadur yr Academi Ar-lein is a digitized, freely accessible version of Geiriadur yr Academi – The Welsh Academy English-Welsh Dictionary (Griffiths and Jones 1995) first published in print form and later digitized by the Language Technologies Unit to produce an on-line version.

Based on Harrap’s English-French dictionary it is considered to be the first modern comprehensive unidirectional English to Welsh dictionary and serendipitously appeared in time to help address the increased translation needs of post-devolution Wales. Launch in February 2012, the online version’s enhanced search facilities and free access has improved access to the dictionary’s contents. In addition to headwords, parts of speech, target language equivalents and their plurals, the dictionary includes phrases and their translations