The CATcymru demonstrator project was financed through A4B from the European Union ERDF fund and the Welsh Government and was operational between 2009 and 2011. Its purpose was to showcase and promote the use of translation technology within the translation industry in Wales and transfer knowledge of cutting edge research and development in the field from academia to industry. It demonstrated how the use of appropriate tools could improve the quality and speed of  translation processes.

What is CAT?

Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools are the range of computing resources which can facilitate translation.  This includes:

  • Translation memory software
  • Terminology and vocabulary resources
  • Automatic pretranslation
  • Language proofing tools
  • File format validation tools
  • Accounting and workflow management tools
  • Prepare clear online demonstrators
  • Arrange workshops for businesses and individual translators
  • Create a National Terminology Portal on the web

What did the project achieve?

  • Produced a report “Improved Translation Tools for the Translation Industry in Wales” (see below)
  • Prepared online demonstrators of the technologies
  • Held workshops for businesses and individual translators on subjects including:
    • Translation Technology
    • Language Codes and Locales
    • Splitting Translation Memories
    • Improving Results and Cutting Costs
    • Translating and Bilingual Drafting
    • Creating Company Glossaries
    • Language Registers
  • Held a Conference on Translation Technology and the Digital Economy
  • Presentations at the National Eisteddfod (2010) and Association of Welsh Translators’ annual conference
  • Created guidelines for managing multilingual websites
  • Established the Welsh National Terminology Portal website


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