CyfieithuCymru (TranslateWales)

CyfieithuCymru(TranslateWales) is a comprehensive translation program to facilitate translation between Welsh and English. It is a cloud-based systsem, and therefore no software is downloaded to the translator’s individual workstation. It is available on a commercial licence by Bangor University.

The program has two main parts:

Rheolyn is an online environment for managing documents that require translating. It enables clients to submit documents to be translated by uploading the appropriate files to the website. This allows an administrator to assign the translation task to a specific translator. Once the translation is completed, the translator can upload it to the website where it can be downloaded by the client. In addition to facilitating the administration of the translation process, using Rheolyn ensures that all the work (including the original document in addition to its translation) is archived safely on dedicated servers. This also facilitates the production of statistics on how much work under various categories has been through the system in a specific period, and so aid better understanding and measurement of the translation workflow.

Cyfieithyn is an online translation interface for translators that can integrate directly with Rheolyn. Cyfieithyn enables translators to translate a document a sentence or a segment at a time in a dedicated interface whilst benefiting from translation memory and machine translation suggestions, grammar and spelling checking functionality provided by Cysill, and the ability to upload dedicated vocabularies to aid the translation process.

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